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        Glass products are mainly characterized by openness and transparency. In the early part of last century, developed countries in Europe and the United States developed toughened glass with high strength which can be used for structural support, and widely used frameless assembly technology, which fully reflects the unique effect of glass products.


        Due to the limitation of glass processing level and installation level in our country, frame mode is still the main fixing method for glass installation. In fact, the glass production level in our country has reached the world leading level, and glass with strength fully reaching the level of structural parts has been produced, which is complete with advanced installation technology. The installation of pure glass engineering can be realized under any circumstances.


        At the same time, there are leading installation technology organizations in the industry, which have already successfully solved the related problems such as wiring reuse, and I believe that this technology which fully reflects the characteristics of glass products will be brilliant.http://www.cnruochen.com

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