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        Product material: wall frame module selects type 6063 aluminum alloy. With good corrosion resistance, a compact and firm protective film of AL203 is formed on the surface, which can protect the substrate from corrosion and anodic oxidation, and has gorgeous color.


        _Product structure: Aluminum frame, single-layer glass, mainly 8-12 mm tempered glass;


        _Wall specifications: wall thickness 83 mm;


        _glass thickness: 8-12 mm;


        _Surface treatment: silver-white anodic oxidation, powder spraying, wire drawing, wood grain;


        _Conventional practices: one height to the top or more;


        _Scope of application: Enterprises and institutions, government agencies, senior office space partition, etc.


        _Product Style: Advocate flexible and flexible space design, new template disassembly and assembly of product functions and reuse of environmental protection, the perfect combination of corporate culture, human characteristics and indoor environment, thus creating a harmonious living space, delicate system with inadvertently introverted luxury functions, in a variety of spaces to extend, showing a high-level space environment. The life form has a chauvinistic cultural flavor of pure aristocratic British native culture.http://www.cnruochen.com

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